AppSecTest Malware Sample Analysis provides global threat intelligence about malicious Apps and SDKs.

What we provide:

  • Global threat intelligence gathering of malicious Apps and SDKs
  • Anti-virus detection gap analysis reports on real-time detection capabilities
  • Identify gaps in anti-virus signatures, heuristics and cloud-based scanning services
  • Flag malicious Apps and SDKs with mobile AV vendors and developers

Our testing environment:

  • Use the latest Android devices and VM software
  • Signature only detection (airplane mode)
  • Signature and cloud scanning (mobile and Wi-Fi)
  • Use the OpenBTS Development Kit (R&D)

Our Android samples:

  • Over 200 Android samples (including variants) are collected daily
  • Archived samples from previous month(s) can be made available upon request
  • Analyze samples against mobile signature and heuristic engines
  • Whitelist your SDK with AV vendors if blocked (SDK Checklist)