The AppSecTest engineering team is recruited from leading UK Universities. Candidates are selected from Computer Science / Computer Security backgrounds. The team has expanded in the past few months with a GDPR Advisor and mobile gaming advisor joining the team as we ready the ASAnalyzer technology for market.

Meet the co-founders

Julian Evans – CEO

Julian has many years of experience on consulting for cyber security startups as well as Android & iOS SAST and DAST testing as well as IAST research. Julian is also the visionary behind ASAnalyzer.



Adam Jennings – CTO

Adam has mobile application security testing experience to discover vulnerabilities enabling him to develop frameworks to create detectors used within ASAnalyzer.



Jake Kiermasz – Solutions Architect

Jake is the inventor of ASAnalyzer, who has various programming language skills including, C, C++, Rust, C#, Java, Python and Kotlin. 



Matt Johnston – COO

Matt is primarily responsible for AppSecTest financial planning and managing the financial risk, having worked with Julian for many years.



Meet our Advisors

David Clarke – GDPR Auditor

David is a highly experienced and respected GDPR Consultant and ISO27001 Auditor.


Andrew Brown – Mobile Gaming

Andrew previously worked for Activision for more than 10 years as SVP Strategy and has extensive experience of the mobile gaming industry.

Why join us?

We have a fun and hard working environment that allows you to be both creative and apply your adaptive learning skills. Technology will develop but most importantly for us we want to improve people’s lives. If you are considering a career in mobile development or network security, then why not think again and consider joining our mobile security team. If you believe you have what it takes to join us, why not send us an email.