Designed for GDPR Alignment


ASAnalyzer is a Web application developed by AppSecTest, a Keywords Ventures company, that is designed to help mobile game developers and quality assurance testers detect European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) alignment coding Issues and Advisories in mobile games before they are published to the app stores.

Connecting Mobile Game Development and GDPR Alignment

ASAnalyzer uses Detectors to detect GDPR issues and advisories in the mobile game code. Detectors are like fingerprints in that they are used to help your game development detect and identify GDPR alignment Issues and Advisories in the mobile game code.

This provides valuable early warning intelligence to gaming developers and compliance professionals for alignment with the GDPR, especially where gaming publishers target children.


ASAnalyzer has been developed as a self-hosting solution that is either hosted by Keywords Studios or on your customer premises.

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