Powering Mobile App Compliance Worldwide

What is ASAnalyzer

ASAnalyzer is a cloud-based compliance technology that assists your organisation with detection of mobile application coding defects, insecure code and alignment with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Why would your organisation use ASAnalyzer?

Organisations can use our application programming interface (API) for compliance and developer platforms, which helps QA, Legal and developers quickly detect and locate insecure code, coding defects and GDPR alignment issues more easily. We also support various private cloud options.

How would a compliance professional use ASAnalyzer?

As part of a DPIA, ASAnalyzer helps compliance professionals on non-mitigation to reduce the risk of an application breach against the 5 GDPR breach criteria. In addition, ASAnalyzer detects a high number of points (issues and advisories) in an application that would not provide alignment to the 6 GDPR principles.

How would a mobile application developer use ASAnalyzer?

ASAnalyzer supports the Continuous Integration (CI) development practice (API) which helps mobile application developers quickly detect and locate insecure code and coding defects more easily. ASAnalyzer currently supports public cloud.

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