Powering Mobile App Compliance Worldwide

What is ASAnalyzer

ASAnalyzer is a cloud-based SAST technology that has been designed for the enterprise and developers to assist with detection of mobile application coding defects, insecure coding issues and regulatory compliance in the DevOps environment.

ASAnalyzer is a rules-based technology that is designed to increase confidence in the mobile app codebase, which involves identifying defects early, as well as testing for common security and data leakage issues and risks in the software development lifecycle (SDLC).

What specific problem does ASAnalyzer solve

ASAnalyzer helps to identify and understand the financial implications, risks and procedures of mobile app coding regulatory non-compliance.

Why do you need ASAnalyzer

ASAnalyzer allows developers to write and remediate secure code faster and more accurately and provide guidance (and improve training) with regulatory compliance and focus on building leading edge mobile apps.

How is ASAnalyzer getting it right

Our technology improves on all existing market solutions with specific focus on identifying coding defects and data leakage, compliance, higher accuracy, faster, easier to use and be more cost efficient when scanning.

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