What is ASAnalyzer

ASAnalyzer © is a cloud-based compliance platform that has been designed to validate the mobile App codebase and identify data leakage issues that are likely to occur. The technology has been designed to assist developers, security and compliance professionals with Android App GDPR compliance.

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How did ASAnalyzer identify the probability of data leakage in Android Apps?

Manual and dynamic analysis of Android Apps detected there was a consistent link between issues found in the static code and actual data leakage.

Why do you need ASAnalyzer

Our empirical research found there was no technology solution for detecting Android App data loss and identifying whether they are GDPR compliant. There is a higher prevalence of data leakage from Android Apps than risk from mobile malware, spyware and phishing.

How is ASAnalyzer getting it right

Our technology improves on all existing market solutions with specific GDPR focus on Android App data leakage, higher accuracy, faster, easier to use and more cost efficient when scanning.