Powering Mobile App Compliance Worldwide

What is ASAnalyzer

ASAnalyzer is a cloud-based compliance technology that provides unique static analysis insight into the usage of operating system Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and the flow of data in a mobile application. ASAnalyzer has been designed for the enterprise and can be used by developers, quality assurance, compliance and security professionals.

ASAnalyzer features

The technology has been designed for the enterprise to assist with detection of mobile application coding defects, insecure coding and regulatory compliance issues as well as supporting:

  • Integration into CI tools
  • Multiple analysis
  • HTML / PDF reports
  • Android and iOS analysis
  • GDPR Article 25 compliance

ASAnalyzer benefits

  • Highly accurate and fast analysis
  • Easy to use and understand
  • Designed for highly regulated industries
  • More price-performance competitive

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